The Theory of Everything

Movie from 2014
  1. Part of Stephen's bicycle race

    Trinity Lane, Cambridge, GB Verified

  2. Bridge that Stephen cycles over

    Garret Hostel Lane, Cambridge, GB Verified

  3. The pub where Stephen meets Jane for the second time.

    The Royal Standard of England Verified

  4. The church that Jane goes to

    The Parish of Saint John the Baptist Pinner Verified

  5. Stephen takes Jane to the May Ball

    Lawn in front of New Court Verified

  6. Stephen and his friends catch a train

    Horsted Keynes Station, GB Verified

  7. Jane and Stephen's wedding church

    Holy Trinity Church

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  8. Beach scene

    Camber Sands

  9. Stephen goes to a show

    Royal Opera House

  10. French airport

    Dunsfold Aerodrome Verified

  11. Interiors of Buckingham Palace

    Lancaster House

  12. Buckingham Palace gardens

    Hampton Court Palace

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