The Fault in Our Stars

Movie from 2014
  1. Church where Hazel's support group is.

    St Paul's Episcopal Church Verified

  2. Hazel's house

    816 11th Street, Oakmont, US

  3. One of the Amsterdam establishing shots.

    Magere Brug Verified

  4. Exterior of the hotel where Hazel, her mom, and Gus stay.

    Hotel Americain Verified

  5. Exterior of Oranjee. The interior was shot on a sound stage in Pittsburgh, PA.

    498 Keizersgracht, Amsterdam, NL Verified

  6. Hazel and Gus walk through the Rijksmuseum passage, where a music group is playing.

    Rijksmuseum Verified

  7. Peter Van Houten's house

    162 Vondelstraat, Amsterdam, NL Verified

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  8. Exterior and first-floor interior of the Anne Frank House. The upstairs rooms were recreated in Pittsburgh.

    Anne Frank House Verified

  9. The Amsterdam bench at the canal

    Leidschegracht 4, Amsterdam, Netherlands Verified

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  10. The house Hazel, Gus, and Isaac throw eggs at.

    Eaton Drive, Oakmont, US

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