Scream 3

Movie from 2000
  1. Hollywood Sign

    Hollywood Sign Verified

  2. Cotton Weary drives around this corner, South on Vine Street.

    1825-1827 Vine Street, Los Angeles, US Verified

  3. Cotton drives past this building with a dinosaur on top.

    Ripley's Believe It or Not Verified

  4. Cotton Weary's house.

    1336 North Harper Avenue, Los Angeles, US Verified

  5. Sidney's house

    21914 Gold Stone Road, Topanga, US

  6. Sunrise Studios

    CBS studio center Verified

  7. Gale and Dewey have lunch here

    Replay Cafe Verified

  8. Jennifer's house

    Runyon Canyon Road, Los Angeles, US

  9. Milton's office

    2404 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, US

  10. John Milton's mansion

    Canfield-Moreno Estate Verified

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