Raiders of the Lost Ark

Movie from 1981
  1. The Paramount logo dissolves into this mountain, right at the start of the movie.

    Kalalea Mountain

  2. Exterior of Marshall College

    Faye Spanos Concert Hall Verified

  3. Interiors of Marshall College

    The Royal Masonic School for Girls

  4. Exterior of Indy's house

    38 Alder Avenue, San Anselmo, US Verified

  5. Sallah's house

    Rue Salah Soussi, Al-Qayrawan, TN

  6. Submarine pen, supposedly on a Greek island.

    La Pallice, La Rochelle, FR

  7. Shot of the Reflecting Pool from the Lincoln Memorial

    Lincoln Memorial Verified

  8. Indiana meets up with Marion on the steps of a government building

    San Francisco City Hall Verified

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