Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Movie from 2001
  1. Jay and Silent Bob grew up here

    Quick Stop Verified

  2. Brodie's Secret Stash

    Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash Verified

  3. Jay and Silent Bob hitch a ride with a nun

    East 5th Street, Camarillo, US Verified

  4. Mooby's restaurant, where Jay meets Justice.

    6223 Lankershim Boulevard, Los Angeles, US

  5. Stop N Go food market

    20001 Roscoe Boulevard, Los Angeles, US Verified

  6. Exterior of the Provasik testing facility

    27220 Turnberry Lane, Valencia, US Verified

  7. The diner in the desert

    10700 Escondido Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, US Verified

  8. Suzanne the orangutan gets taken from Jay and Silent Bob

    Pyramid Dam Verified

  9. Establishing shot of the Hollywood hills

    Hollywood Sign Verified

  10. Jay and Silent Bob get dropped off here.

    Selma Avenue, Los Angeles, US Verified

  11. Jay and Silent Bob meet some local drug dealers

    North El Centro Avenue, Los Angeles, US Verified

  12. Miramax Studios entrance gate.

    CBS studio center Verified

  13. Bluntman & Chronic premiere

    El Ray Theatre Verified

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