It Follows

Movie from 2015
  1. Jay Height's house

    38721 Trafalgar Way, Sterling Heights, US Verified

  2. Theater that Jay and Hugh go to

    Redford Theatre Verified

  3. Restaurant that Jay and Hugh go to after the cinema

    Nick's Country Oven

  4. Jay learns about "it" from Hugh here

    Northville Psychiatric Hospital Verified

  5. Jay has a class here and sees the old lady

    University of Detroit, College of Engineering

  6. Jay gets an ice cream

    Clark's Ice Cream & Yogurt Verified

  7. Jay and the others drive past an abandoned house

    49 West Hollywood Avenue, Detroit, US Verified

  8. Lawson High School, the school that Hugh/Jeff goes to.

    Clawson High School Verified

  9. Jeff's house

    5222 Allison Drive, Troy, US Verified

  10. Exterior of the pool

    Detroit Water & Sewerage Verified

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