Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Movie from 1989
  1. The scouts ride towards this rock formation.

    The Organ Verified

  2. Indiana and the other scouts ride past this balanced rock.

    Balanced Rock Verified

  3. Another rock formation the scouts ride past.

    Three Gossips Verified

  4. The scouts dismount here.

    Double Arch Verified

  5. Indiana Jones' childhood home

    Indiana Jones Home B&B Verified

  6. Exterior and interior of Barnett College

    The Royal Masonic School for Girls

  7. Indy boarding a plane from New York to Venice.

    North Weald Airfield

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  8. Indy and Marcus meet Elsa here.

    Fondamenta Salute, Venezia, IT Verified

  9. The gang crosses this bridge after meeting each other.

    Venezia, IT Verified

  10. Exterior of the Venice library.

    San Barnaba di Venezia Verified

  11. Indy and Elsa hijack a boat

    Tilbury, GB

  12. Indy lets the guy out of the boat

    Palazzo Barbaro Verified

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  13. Exterior of Brunwald Castle.

    Schloss Bürresheim Verified

  14. Train station in Iskenderun where Marcus meets Sallah.

    Guadix train station Verified

  15. Nazi book burning

    Stowe School Verified

  16. Exterior of Berlin Flughafen

    Treasure Island Administration Building Verified

  17. Interiors of Berlin Flughafen

    Royal Horticultural Hall Verified

  18. The beach where Henry Jones scares away the seagulls.

    Playa de Mónsul, ES Verified

  19. Palace of Hatay

    Escuela de Arte Almería Verified

  20. Street in Iskenderun

    Calle Almanzor, Almería, ES

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  21. The Nazi tank comes around the corner here.

    Rambla Indalecio, Spain

  22. Indy, Henry, and Sallah hide behind some rocks

    Rambla Indalecio, Spain

  23. Exterior of the site where the holy grail is located.

    Al Khazneh

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