Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Movie from 2008
  1. Exterior of Marshall College

    Faye Spanos Concert Hall Verified

  2. Exterior of Indiana Jones' house

    476 Bradford Street, Pasadena, US Verified

  3. Station where Indy boards the train

    1 Railroad Avenue, Essex, US Verified

  4. Part of the motorcycle chase

    High Street, New Haven, US Verified

  5. Exterior of the library

    Sterling Memorial Library Verified

  6. Interior of the library

    Yale University Commons Dining Room Verified

  7. Shot of the condor, spider, and monkey. This appears to be a digital composition, as in real life they are much farther apart than in the movie.

    Nazca Lines Verified

  8. Nazca airport

    Eagle Field Verified

  9. The church at the end of the movie.

    First Christian Church of North Hollywood Verified

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