Gangster Squad

Movie from 2013
  1. Exteriors and interiors of Union Station.

    Union Station Verified

  2. The woman that Mickey Cohen's goons find at Union Station is taken here.

    1842 North Cherokee Avenue, Los Angeles, US

  3. Los Angeles City Hall

    Los Angeles City Hall Verified

  4. Sergeant John O'Mara's house

    228 North Gramercy Place, Los Angeles, US Verified

  5. Exterior of Slapsy Maxie's, possibly interiors as well.

    17432 Bellflower Boulevard, Bellflower, US Verified

  6. Garden of Allah Apartments

    1803 Courtney Avenue, Los Angeles, US

  7. Exterior of Club Figaro.

    116 West 4th Street, Los Angeles, US Verified

  8. Interiors of Club Figaro

    The Tower Theater

  9. First meeting of the Gangster Squad

    1536-1598 East 6th Street, Los Angeles, US Verified

  10. Burbank police station

    Los Angeles Police Society Verified

  11. Exterior of the Cabana Club

    Boardner's by La Belle Verified

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  12. Dragna's house

    Canfield-Moreno Estate

  13. Mickey Cohen's mansion

    1146 Tower Road, Beverly Hills, US Verified

  14. Exterior of the house where the Gangster Squad listens to the wire taps

    11901 West Trail, US Verified

  15. The Gangster Squad apprehends a car here, then torches it.

    501-551 South Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles, US Verified

  16. Conwell Keeler attaches a wire tap to the telephone pole

    Palmetto Street, Los Angeles, US Verified

  17. Jerry and Grace at a restaurant with a forest painted on the wall.

    Clifton's Cafeteria

  18. Chinatown. Scene starts out at the North Hill Street gate, then moves East as the scene progresses.

    Gin Ling Way, Los Angeles, US Verified

  19. Shootout between the Gangster Squad and Mickey's gang.

    Park Plaza hotel Verified

  20. O'Mara and Cohen have a boxing match at this constructed fountain.

    MacArthur Park

  21. Final beach scene

    Westward Beach, Malibu, US

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