From Russia With Love

Movie from 1963
  1. SPECTRE training grounds

    Pinewood Studios administration building Verified

  2. The Russian agent is killed inside this former church/mosque.

    Hagia Sophia Museum Verified

  3. James Bond arrives at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, then known as Yesilköy Airport.

    Istanbul Ataturk Airport

  4. Bond is taken through the bazaar on his way to Ali Kerim Bey

    Grand Bazaar

  5. The cistern that leads to the Russian embassy.

    Basilica Cistern Verified

  6. Shot of a square and canal in Venice.

    Fondamenta Salute, Venezia, IT Verified

  7. James and Tatiana take a gondola ride starting under this birdge, then going south.

    Bridge of Sighs Verified

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