Clerks II

Movie from 2006
  1. If you're watching this movie, the Quick Stop doesn't really need an introduction, now does it?

    Quick Stop Verified

  2. Randal's house

    21 Jackson Street, Highlands, US Verified

  3. Dante and Randal are going South-east on NJ-35 when passing this Wendy's.

    Wendy's Verified

  4. In the movie, the Pizza Hut is shown before the McDonald's, despite it being the other way around in real life.

    Pizza Hut & McDonalds Verified

  5. "Circus fresh food experience" sign

    853 Route 35 North, Middletown, US Verified

  6. Randal and Dante start working at this Mooby's restaurant.

    Former Burger King restaurant

  7. The karting track that Randal and Dante go to.


  8. Exterior and interior of the jail scene

    Los Angeles Police Society Verified

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