Chasing Amy

Movie from 1997
  1. Holden's and Banky's apartment.

    Jack's Music Shoppe Verified

  2. The park Holden and Alyssa walk through.

    Victoria Park

  3. Train station

    Red Bank train station

  4. Holden and Alyssa sit in this park

    Washington Square, New York, US Verified

  5. Holden and Alyssa have dinner here.

    Marina Diner (now King's Army II Diner)

  6. Holden and Alyssa argue in the rain

    Mechanic Street, Red Bank, US Verified

  7. Brodie's friend Cohee talks about Alyssa in front of the store.

    Quick Stop Verified

  8. Holden and Alyssa watch an ice hockey game

    Ocean Ice Palace Verified

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