Back to the Future

Movie from 1985
  1. Exterior of Doc's house in 1985.

    535 North Victory Boulevard, Burbank, US

  2. Hill Valley town square

    Courthouse Square, Universal Studios backlot

  3. Hill Valley high school

    Whittier Union high school

  4. The auditions for Battle of the Bands take place here.

    McCambridge Recreation Center

  5. Entrance to Lyon Estates in 1985.

    Kagel Canyon Street & Sandusky Avenue, Los Angeles, US

  6. McFly residence

    9303 Roslyndale Avenue, Los Angeles, US

  7. Twin Pines Mall (aka Lone Pine Mall). The marker is placed where Marty arrives on his skateboard.

    Puente Hills Mall

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  8. Twin Pines Ranch, the farm of the Peabody family.

    Golden Oak Ranch

  9. Lorraine's house

    1727 Bushnell Avenue, South Pasadena, US

  10. Exterior of Doc's house in 1955.

    Gamble House

  11. Interior of Doc's house in 1955.

    Blacker House

  12. George's house

    1711 Bushnell Avenue, South Pasadena, US

  13. The interior scenes of the "Enchantment under the sea" dance were filmed in the gymnasium of this church.

    Hollywood United Methodist Church

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