Austin Powers in Goldmember

Movie from 2002
  1. Rock formation that Austin Powers parachutes through on his way to his car.

    Fisher Towers

  2. Opening sequence at the studio backlot.

    Paramount Studio Verified

  3. Exterior of Dr. Evil's lair.

    Hollywood Sign Verified

  4. Austin Powers is knighted by the Queen.

    Buckingham Palace Verified

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  5. Interior of Buckingham Palace

    Millennium Biltmore Hotel ballroom

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  6. Exterior of Austin's apartment

    252 Westminster Bridge Road, London, GB

  7. British Intelligence Academy

    Greystone Mansion

  8. The dock where Austin Powers and co. drive into the water.

    San Pedro port near S.S. Lane Victory

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  9. Interior of the Austinpussy premiere theater.

    Orpheum Theatre Verified

  10. Exterior of the theater where the Austinpussy premiere takes place.

    TCL Chinese Theatre Verified

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