About Filming-Locations.net

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A little history

When I was in high school, I learned that the New York area used to be a colony of The Netherlands, my home country. I became fascinated by this and started collecting Dutch place names in the area. Since then, I knew I was going to New York some day.
In late 2009 I was looking for an internship in the New York area, and at the same time I started watching The Sopranos which takes place in that area. Besides wanting to visit some formerly Dutch locations, I wanted to see some sites that were used as filming locations for The Sopranos. I started looking for websites that offered information on this, but most were very limited in their locations and just showed the "big" locations. Since then, my interest into filming locations was peeked!

In 2012 I started creating another website, this time for The X-Files locations, but I never got around to finishing it. A year later, I was introduced to Breaking Bad and started creating Breaking Bad Locations (later extended with Better Call Saul).

In 2015, I started thinking about creating a website dedicated to filming locations for any movie out there. And thus, this website was born!


This site is the combination of two of my passions: movies and making websites